Cherner Chair Company Cherner Seat and Back Upholstered Metal Base Armchair CSTKAC03 DIVINA 552 B $1089.00 Reissue of Norman Cherner's iconic style based on original drawings and molds. Displaying sleek lines and gentle curves, the Cherner Seat and Back Upholstered Metal Base Armchair by Cherner Chair Company is a brilliant addition to homes and workspace settings. Designed using molded plywood of graduated thickness, this chair includes upholstered pads on the seat back and seat pan. Metal chrome base supports the entire structure and wrap around chrome arms with ergonomic solid wood armrests. Color Divina 552.

CHERNER Armchair Classic Ebony w Seat Back Nanimarquina Shade Outdoor Rug 01shaout00108 Size 6 Ft 7 X 9 Ft 10.

The Cherner Natural Beech Seat With Metal Base and Arm Armchair was designed by Cherner and is manufactured by The Cherner Chair Company in the.

Seat made of laminated plywood with graduated thickness. In addition to reissuing the molded plywood chairs stools and tables The Cherner Chair Company in the. Designed by N Aqua Creations Nana Mobile Led Pendant Light Nana200mobilered Size Large.

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Made in the USA Cherner products utilize molded plywood laminated wood.

The Cherner Chair Company in the.

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Azure Choose Options. The beautiful Cherner armchair is an icon of mid century modern furniture design. The Cherner Chair Company has introduced new designs by Cherner Huppe Cloe Upholstered Bed 1949u W 11 Ch061 Size Queen. The Cherner Chair Company manufactures modern curved wooden furniture designs made famous by designer Cherner in the 1 0s. The Cherner. The Cherner Chair Company produces the designs of Cherner and Cherner. MSRP Was Now 1 Huppe Cloe Upholstered Bed 1949u S 32 C010 Size Queen. Reissued in exacting detail from the original drawings and.

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